What Is Internet Marketing & Why YouTube

What Is Internet Marketing & Why YouTube

If you have a message and you want to share
it, you need to hear what we are going to share with you in this video. Hi everybody
I am Michael Bloxton and this is my business partner Nick Bogatin with ebizmastery.com.
We’re gonna share with you three things, first a recap of what you’ve helped us to
do, in the first 30 days of the very first upload to our channel as well as in the first
60days. Then we are going to get into some education that we are pretty certain you haven’t
heard anywhere else and has to do with your overall online marketing presence. The last
thing we want to give you a gift for all the support that you give in us and it is directly
related to your YouTube presence. So from our very first uploaded video the
first 30 days of our YouTube channel we actually ended up accumulated 5,000 friends and subscribers
in total and we had just a little bit over 10,000 total upload views so pretty good in
first 30 days. Great first 30days and what happened under
60days from that very first upload was we had 7,750 total friends and subscribers and
it is still growing at a great pace but the even more exciting part is we had 32,000 total
upload views over 32,000 total upload views in under 60days so we had more than double
the result in second 30days period we did in the first, that’s really exciteing. So we’re obviously excited about those numbers
but you know you are watching this video you got to be wondering “why are your numbers
important to me?” and that’s really a good question and that is what we are going
to go over right now in this video. Youtube is a place for you to share your message
and share it with the world, now we have been talking about YouTube a lot lately because
its an integral part of a larger internet marketing strategy that you should be implementing. Now we get paid tens and thousands of dollars
perr client to analyze and improve their overall online presence. And to do that what we did is we created something
we call the internet mastery map and what this internet mastery map looks at is a macro
perspective of your entire internet marketing strategy and then once we have that map we
take each individual piece and we create a blue print that really walks us through our
goals for growth are and a lot of other details about that particular element. So if you look at it like real estate development
lets say we own 100s and 100s of acres, we were to develop an office park we have an
overall plan for the entire piece of land, but each individual building has its own blue
print. Now YouTube is one of the pieces of blueprint
in fact it’s a big piece of the blueprint. We actually want to share with you that how
we create an internet mastery map and how you can and since Mike is definitely the better
of the two of us when is comes to drawing, he’s gonna head over to greyboard and start
walking you through the map. Alright everybody, I am gonna tell you what
internet marketing is, it’s a big, big question but it’s a very simple answer. So first
let’s talk about what the internet is, which everybody should know, internet is pretty
much the entire world, right now it looks like, feels like the entire world. There are
hundreds of millions of people all over the world and please forgive my crude drawings
of our world which is much more gorgeous than I am depicting with these markers right now….Australia. The internet involves in entire world as we
know it. The significant piece about the internet is we can use marketing to drive traffic and
do different things to get your message out, so right now it feels like, this is you, that’s
you and that’s the whole world and you want to get your message out, you want to share
what you have with the world, to what end? and I will get to that in a second but really
we are going to share and understand all these millions of peoples that are all over the
world, maybe some on sailboats, some in Australia, all over the world. You want to understand
how you can get your message to all these people through internet marketing even people
on sailboats and submarines. so how do we do that? What’s the purpose
of Internet marketing? Its 3 simple things. What we have are 3 things. We have Traffic,
traffic is comprised of pretty much your entire presence and this is what we are going to
focus on the other two steps come after one you have the traffic down you are going to
see how important it is. The traffic includes some things you may have
heard of such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter which all fall under Social media. Traffic
also includes thing like paid traffic PPC media buys things like that. You also have
syndication which is a very powerful forum of driving traffic, we have website, blog
stuff that…drive traffic all these things are about driving traffic. Now, when you can drive traffic, you want
them to do something, you want them to take a specific action, you don’t want them to
just drive traffic to hear your message, you want them to get something out of your message,
you want them to take an action. On YouTube you want them to subscribe, friend or like
or share. On Facebook, you want them to like your page, share your message, Twitter you
want them to follow you. There are specific things that you want people to do when they
drive traffic and overall in your internet marketing presence what you really want them
to do is get on your list and internet marketing its about driving traffic to create a list
and what you do with that list is you convert that list into profit. Ok so what we have is traffic and we use these
specific things, we consider YouTube as one of the cornerstone pieces of your entire internet
marketing presence as well as your website blog. You drive traffic to your list to make
profit. Now, the problem that most people have is
that they try to go from here and try to go right to here. Now that never works ….and
it actually does work but it doesn’t work well and its not effective if you really want
to make a lasting presence online, you really get your message out there effectively. So, here is how we are going to break this
down, you are really going to understand how to drive traffic, build a list and convert
that into cash so that you can do all the wonderful things that you want to do with
the world, maybe get on a ship and save whales or whatever it is that you want to do. Here is the basic breakdown: This is the WHAT?
I don’t know if you can see that but traffic is about the what. You want to get to the
world through these mediums; you want to get to the world what your message is. For us,
it is pretty clear that our message is about internet marketing. Specifically we are talking
about YouTube right now but overall what our message is, its about internet marketing,
its about helping you in internet marketing. That the first piece. You need to be clear
about what your message is and you relay that through these mediums. The next thing you do, once they get onto
your list or getting them on your list, in that process you share with them the WHY.
Why do they want to listen to you? Why are you listening to us right now? Well, you are
listening to us right now because what our message is can help you and if it can help
you then it’s going to be great. You are going to want to learn how to help yourself
so that’s why you are going to get on our list and you are going to love it and you
want to do the same thing because that’s how you are going to get people on your list
because you are going to share with them why it is important. Last piece is the HOW? Once they are on your
list you share with them how you can help them do all the things you are saying you
can help them do. It’s a pretty simple process, so for us again, we are going to show you
exactly how we actually use screenshots and walk through in excruciating detail at some
points about how to do all the things that we have done on YouTube and get you the same
stats that we have gotten. There is traffic, list, profit – is overall
internet marketing, that’s all it is that’s really all it breaks down to. It’s the WHAT,
the WHY and the HOW. What is your message, what are you trying to share, what are you
trying to do in the world, why is that important to the people that are watching, Why is that
going to impact their life. How are you going to impact their life, how
are they going to take what you are teaching them and put it into their life. This is you
overall map, this is the office park that we are developing but each individual piece
here has its own blueprint. Right now, what we are sharing with you is the YouTube blueprint.
It takes a lot to put all this stuff together and like we said, we get paid tens of thousands
of dollars per client to do it for them in a grand scale but what we want to give you
is a lot of to do with the YouTube blueprint specifically. But this is your overall map so start putting
something together for your own business that is just like this and you will really get
through it. So hopefully this is done some great things for you and you’ve gotten a
lot of value out of it. So now that we understand the macro internet
marketing strategy, we want to actually help you get in there and dig into your YouTube
channel. We are going to walk in through some really great things in 5 videos that we have
for you. Now in the first video we are actually going to walk you through creating your YouTube
mastery blueprint. This is where we get in to the details of everything you are really
going to want to have in your YouTube channel and then in the next 4 videos we are going
to give you some fundamental and key, really crucial pieces you are going to want to implement
into your channel to make sure your channel gets off with a really good start. Now these 5 videos are part of a larger program
we put together called YourTube Mastery which is really a progressive and comprehensive
program that we created to teach you everything that you need to know to master YouTube. Now, the course is comprised of 3 separate
sections. First is the fundamentals, then there is the advanced and then there Is the
ninja training section. What we want to do to say thank you is give you the entire fundamental
section and Nick just reviewed the 5 videos that you are going to get there and the fundamentals
is the foundation. If you set-up the fundamentals correctly, then everything else in YouTube
is just exponentially increased. So in order to get those free videos, the
fundamentals section, go over to ebizmastery.com /YouTube again that’s ebizmastery.com /YouTube
and get the fundamental section for free. And the advanced section we go over some really
cool things that you are definitely going to want to check out. Some of the things we cover are the welcome
video for your channel, titling your videos properly and there is a specific science to
getting the right titles. Then we go into optimizing your video structure using video
and YouTube tools. The last thing we go into how to effectively select and use keywords. Once you finish the advanced section you will
have an advantage over 95% of all the YouTube users out there. But once you finish the ninja
section you are going to have the unfair advantage. In the ninja section we go over things like
using YouTube as a social networking site, how to use your videos all around the internet.
We are not just talking about embedding even though there is a proper and improper way
to embedding but we talk about other techniques as well. Then we go into off channel/ off
website SEO stuff, and then tube tools which are going to explode your YouTube growth from
friends and subscribers to like shares and everything about YouTube will really explode
YouTube when you get through the tube tools. And the last things we go into are the two
bonus traffic drivers. Now, either one of these individually will drive hundreds if
not thousands of views to your videos every single day. We developed this course a lot like you would
develop any sustainable business or large building. You start with the foundation. The
deeper the more solid a foundation that you can build, the more extravagant, greater a
presence or a building you can create. So, if at the end of the day you don’t do the
fundamentals correctly, the advanced section, the ninja sections, those trainings won’t
be as effective for you. Yes, its just so so important for you so head
on over to ebizmastery.com /YouTube and check out the 5 videos that we have for you. Go
through the blueprint and create your own YouTube mastery blueprint and then you can
go through the other videos and get the other fundamental key pieces that you can have because
it is so important and then you get to move on and go look at the advanced and the ninja
section and really start to enhance your YouTube presence. So with that we want to thank you
so much for your time, thank you for the great first 2 months that we have had at the ebizmastery
YouTube channel and we look forward to talking with you soon. Take Care.


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