What’s The BEST Online Marketing Strategy? – A To Z Online Marketing Strategy!

What’s The BEST Online Marketing Strategy? – A To Z Online Marketing Strategy!

hey what’s going on you guys it’s nathan lucas and in this video I’m going to be walking you guys through an online marketing strategy that can be used for any business out there so if you’re a network marketing affiliate marketing you have a brick-and-mortar business in your hometown any business that you’re trying to bring online and really build a presence this strategy will work and can work for you if you implement what I’m about to teach you it can be very powerful and you can start gaining a lot of momentum in your business but ultimately this strategy which i’m using in in my business over time it will allow you to automate your business alright so if you’re if you’re wanting to generate leads and make more sales inside your business stick around for this video because i know you guys going to value out of it so here’s the thing is i’m going to cover all all of these what you see right here and I want you two to know something just right off the bat is that this strategy that i’m going to be going over with you guys today it’s focused on video ok so i’m just going to put that right out in the beginning this is a video strategy and videos very powerful to use because it’s so engaging it engages people so just like right now you’re watching this video if you guys use choose to use video in your marketing it can make a really big difference so let’s put this on here real quick so video remember video it’s this is awesome when it comes to marketing online guys so here we go this is video alright so let’s do this the first thing that I want to go over is I want to cover these what you see here because this is the foundation of growing a business online what I’m going to talk to you about in all of these areas and then i’m going to show you exactly what i do and what you can do to actually automate this online mark strategy so before I dive dive into this i want to let you guys know that this webpage is available for you guys to use it’s just a blank page right it’s a blank page that I’ve created on my website to use whatever you want if you want to draw on here a canvas using an app that i’m using right now you can do that or whatever you want if you for any reason at all if you need a blank page it’s right here guys you can go to nathan lucas dot-com /a blank for whatever reason if you want to use a blank page like this and on the top this is not actually here i actually just type that on here it’s just blank except down towards the bottom there’s some writing but it’s out of sight when you’re on your right so all right guys let’s jump right into it the first thing is obviously content right you have to be putting content out onto the internet now like I said I prefer to do video alright video is an amazing way it’s engaging i right it engages the user and you can deliver value through video and gain trust with your prospects and potential clients a lot faster so you need to be providing content and you’re going to be doing that on social media platforms now obviously if you have a website you can be blogging right but how are you going to get that that information out to the masses well you’re going to be doing that through social media alright so what kind of content or we’re going to be putting out there it needs to be value-driven content now this is very very important to have value-driven content in the way that we we determine what valuable content is is we identify a problem inside of our industry so whatever your product is it needs to provide a solution to a problem alright so then what we do is we actually start giving free value away and we do that by putting on the back end of a lead capture page or a squeeze page you’re squeezing information from your potential prospects and then they become elite now what happens here is now you can actually start following up with them which is used using an autoresponder ok i use Aweber there’s a lot of different services out there mailchimp get response there’s a there’s a lot of different options you have out there i use a web a weber i’ll probably linked down an affiliate link or something down below this video for you guys to check Aweber out but what we see here guys I want to tell you that what you see here if you want to build a business online if you want to grow your business online what you see except for video you don’t have to do video you can choose to deliver value through different mediums but what you see here it’s not an option to grow a business online this right here is a requirement ok you have to be providing content you have to share it on social media you have to generate leads so you can use an autoresponder to follow up with those leads and the content that you’re you’re putting out needs to be valuable ok so this is the baseline of growing an online business now I want to jump into the marketing strategy that will help you automate your business because in the end why you know we want time freedom right we want to automate everything that we can so that way we have more time alright so now let’s talk about automation and this is honestly the coolest part because the Internet allows us to do things like this which is pretty awesome ok so here we go what we’re going to do is we’re now going to be putting that information out there my strategy right here what I’m about to show you guys is using YouTube right there’s a lot of different ways that you can do this but for this example and what I do in my own business is actually use youtube so that’s what i want to show you guys here but you can take this same exact strategy and implemented you being a blog implement this using different ways of getting the information out there as long as you’re following the system to get the information out there this will in fact work so i use youtube so this is a great strategy for anyone who is willing to create videos for your business right so I’m just gonna leave that like that so this is going to be YouTube right this is the YouTube strategy so this is where we’re delivering the content now this is where you need to pay attention because this is very powerful because now we can start automating so here’s what happens is i will create content right or you can create content for your business you put it out on youtube right so now it’s living out there forever someone can find it in a year in two years in many years down the road this can generate leads for you you can be following up and you can still be gaining new customers inside of your business but here’s what’s powerful about this strategy is now not only are you creating that piece of content but here’s what you can do is you can take that same piece of content and now you can send it out to your list okay so now you’re providing valuable content to people who are already on your list looks so now you’re doubling your efforts alright so here we go so now you created the content on YouTube now you’re sharing that piece of content with your list and now to make this work even more for us right and this is now we’re going to start automating the process now not only are we putting it out there on the internet for people to find on youtube not only are we sending this valuable information out to our list but we’re also adding it to our autoresponder which now means yes we’re broadcasting this email to everyone on our list right now which would be you know a broadcast email but now we’re adding it to our follow-up series and what this just all this means is that anyone who gets added to your list from this point on this will get sent out to them so now look what happens is we we create videos right and we’re sharing them on all these on these platforms I say you can use YouTube as an amazing platform right we send that same valuable information out to our list so as you build think about that you can be sending out to potentially thousands and thousands of people at the drop of a hat so you have a new promotion that you you’re you’re running you can send that out to your list you have you know a new product something that launches you can send that out immediately to your list building a list is not optional like I said this is the baseline of building a business online so you’re sending it out to your list through broadcast email and then you’re adding it to your follow-up series so if you create the content in its evergreen right which means it is going to stay with time it won’t matter if people see this a year from now three years from now it will still be relevant up for years to come ok so you create evergreen content that works for you now as you posted on YouTube and people are finding it you’re sending it out to your list and then you’re adding that same valuable content to your follow-up message for new people who come on to your list after today so you guys this is the strategy that i use i highly recommend highly recommend setting this up okay so i hope you guys got value out of this video if you guys want to see the exact system that i am plugged into that’s a blogging platform create sales funnels and give away free stuff to build your list i will link that down below and you guys can check that out if you’re if you’re serious about growing a business online definitely go down and click on that link and get over to the information to learn how to actually start implementing strategies to grow your business online alright guys this is nathan lucas if you like this video give it a thumbs up and I’ll see you guys on the next video bye for now


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