When Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work | Africa Archield

When Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work | Africa Archield

Have you really want to make a huge splash
on YouTube or Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or any of those other social media
platforms? And it seems like all you get is crickets. You’re doing everything that you’ve learned
how to do, perhaps you’ve taken courses, or just watched the videos gone to webinars,
and you have implemented and still, it’s crickets. Hi, I’m Africa Archield. And today, we’re going to jump into what to
do when that marketing and advertising machine that is social media isn’t quite working for
you. All right, we’re going to dive right in. I
want to set a baseline here for you. So there’s three things that I’m assuming
are baseline, that you’re doing these things, because if you’re not, that could be what
your issue is. So number one, you are providing amazing content,
right. You’re always hearing content is king. And it really is, you’re really providing
amazing content that people can engage with. So if it’s not amazing content, that could
be the issue. If it’s not really grabbing their hearts and minds and making them want more, that could be the issue. Number two, be consistent. OK, you’ve probably heard that one before, too. If you’ve taken those webinars or courses, or even watch a couple of YouTube videos, you know, you have to be consistent no matter
what social platform that you’re on. You get to pick your consistency, by the way, but
need to be consistent. Number three, you really need to be …. well, in community, right? You need to be social, right? Are you commenting when people comment on
your stuff? Are you commenting on other people’s stuff? Are you really engaging, not only where it’s
visible for the entire public to see? Are you doing that extra step and doing some
direct messages, right? Do all of those things. Now, I’m establishing that as baseline that
you have done all those things, because that is at the very least what it takes to be successful
on social. So if you have done all those things, and
you’re still having problems, it could be, dare I say, doing social media in that way isn’t for you. Right? It’s just not for you. So how should you be doing social media if the typical way isn’t working for you? Well, I got some suggestions. I’m not going to leave you hanging. And, let’s go over to it. The first way is promote. Not promote you. Because that’s what social media mostly is,
is everyone’s promoting themselves and what they’re doing. I want you to either promote your cause that
reason that you’re building this community together, and really putting all your energy
behind promoting your cause, and or promote other people, right. Sometimes to be social
to be even as you hear them in influencers. They promote other people, they promote other
products. And maybe that’s where you will really shine. There are some people who really rise with
self promotion. And there’s others who really rise when promoting
others. It’s not that when you’re promoting other
people that people don’t notice you you, of course they do. You become their trusted advisor of sorts. You become their go to person to vet other people. And when you have something that you want
to put forward where you’re trying to get clients, or you’re trying to get sales for
something, they’re going to be much more inclined to say, yeah, that’s my trusted advisor anyway.
I’m going to pick that up. Promote other people, this might mean that you do podcast, or you’re
that person that’s on Facebook Live or Instagram Live, and you’re bringing in someone else,
and you’re doing like an interview with them. There are so many different ways where you
get to promote other people. If your coach or some kind of service provider, bring in
your clients in the exact same way. Really Work hard promoting others. And as you do that, you’ll naturally be promoting
yourself. All right, let’s look at another way. It’s called not social media, right. Social media
is not the be all and end all of everything. There are so many other ways to get your message
out there. You might be the person who does speaking
events. You might be the person who does a lot of networking events, there’s so many
other ways to get clients. And I can go deeper into those ways. And if you want me to make sure to let me
know, in the comments section of this video, if you want me to go deeper on speaking, or networking,
all those offline ways of getting business, because not everyone shines on social media. Now, even if you’re using offline methods
to get business, it doesn’t mean that you’re not using social media, it’s that social media
for you will be used a little bit more traditionally, i.e. you’re putting information up there so that
if you meet someone at an event, if someone’s looking for you to speak, they can look at
your social media channels and see what you’re about. So you’re posting in essence to post so that
people will know what you do. But you’re not engaging in the same way on
social media. So if you find yourself having trouble marketing,
or advertising to get new clients on social media, make sure that you handled the baseline
and then look at these other two ways. Should I be promoting other people? Is that really the way that I need to go? Because that feels good. It’s also about building community. And again, you become that trusted advisor
that they look to, when they’re wondering, is this a person I should be purchasing from? And of course, when you’re ready to release
something, you’ve already got an amazing audience to release it to. Or do you need to look at the other route? Do you need to be a little bit more traditional
going out there doing networking events, doing speaking events, really getting up front and
personal with people because that’s how you connect. That is a way that you are magnetic. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to give
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be sure to subscribe and hit the bell for notifications. Coming up next, I’m going to be talking about
spoons. I know you’re probably thinking what on earth
is she gonna say about spoons but I promise you need this in your life. And for no other reason to gain the perspective
you need to move forward faster. And with that I say #PeaceJoyLove to you. Hope that makes sense. Alright, so my God, Hunter where, where’s my brain today?
[Hunter] You already used it.
[laughter] I’ve used up all my spoons.
[Hunter] You should do it about the spoons. I should do it about the spoons. Oh, I should do it about the spoons.
[snickering] [Hunter] It’s just funny how it’s like you could do about the spoons. You can do it about spoons.


  1. What were your takeaways from the video? Is social media something you want to incorporate into the marketing plan for your business?

  2. You are quite entertaining! LOL But I really like your tip about promoting your cause. I've promoted others, but promoting the reason for what I do: never thought to do that! Great idea!

  3. Great tips for anyone just starting out and reminders to the veterans! Love your personality as well, wish I was more natural like you 🙂

  4. Thank you SO much! I especially loved the "promoting your cause" instead of promoting yourself. So true!

  5. Thank you for your advice =). You become an authority when you are in social media game if you give value.

  6. There are so many stories about social media. It can be hard and fun at the same time, but that`s probably why it is so interesting

  7. I completely agree with all of your points, AND I love that you mentioned that social media isn't the end all be all. Great video!

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