are you in business do you have an MLM
business or do you have an affiliate business today I’m going to talk to you
about the difference between one and another stick around okay so my
experience with MLM multi-level marketing okay was not very good okay
not because MLM don’t work abilities of living people say that and I’m not a
scam everything depends on what kind of
business and company you choose to be in okay
the thing is when you are in a MLM you need to be clear that you need to build
a team you need to have as much people as possible on your team because that
will influence and directly influence the the income that you bring Bom okay
and you have your online shop you have your links and you have everything going
smoothly for you normally you don’t even have to pay a lot to start up then you
have to purchase something because you need to have that monthly be covered or
even when they’re really really low you need to be a product from the product so
that you can actually promote something with confidence and really believe in
what you are selling otherwise won’t work long term it won’t work if you’re
selling something to people that you don’t haven’t tried yourself right so
the thing with the MLM is that you need to be doing a lot a lot of perspective
okay you can place apps which will make you waste a lot of money if you don’t do
it the right way okay if you don’t know how to do ads my advice
okay myself pay someone to do that for you or to teach you how to do that
because you should do it without knowing okay you’re just wasting money really
you can have one or two weeks but if you don’t know how to actually place ads you
won’t get a lot of results from it because leaves only means that people
were willing to give you the information so it doesn’t mean that that person is
going to join you okay unless you actually blows them that’s why I say a
lot of perspective and you don’t know how to prospect this can actually be a
problem for you if you’re in an MLM okay but I see a lot is people just throwing
away their links okay this is what I do do you want to buy it okay without even
trying to know if I need it okay see my nails I don’t do my nails and I keep
receiving messages with links to join or to buy because it’s really cheap to get
nails okay I don’t even know how does that work okay and people don’t even
make the effort to actually go to my profile on Facebook for example and see
that they’d never seen me with my nails done okay normally I really cut them
really short because I keep getting those those you know those things here
on your nails or they break and so I prefer to use it like this okay so how
are you going to sell nails someone that isn’t even care that much about nails it
doesn’t make a lot of sense okay so if you don’t know how to prospect okay if
you’re in an MLM this will be a problem for you okay just by watching I can see
that you’re not getting results because you don’t even do your homework
you what I’m going with this if you don’t know how to close people if you
don’t know how to sell things to people MLM it’s not a good business to start
wait on the other hand a Philly you can prospect a little bit you can
invite people to know the opportunity you can invite people to know what
you’re providing okay but depending if you’re choosing physical products or
digital products if you actually target the people that you’re talking to
meaning that you’ll be selling what those specific people need don’t go and
start selling meat to vegetarian people okay it doesn’t make any sense okay so
for example if you choose an affiliate marketing digital products to help other
entrepreneurs other people in online business okay that’s the people that
you’re going to target okay in depending on the product that you have I’d say how
to generate leads or how to prospect or out to close people where to find people
that will buy your products your high ticket products all of that if you have
that information that content in your products okay you know who you need to
target okay what happens in nlm it’s people just start shooting their
products to people because I think that’s how they want to build a team
okay so again if you’re an MLM and you don’t know how to prospect you don’t
know how to talk to people this may be a problem for you okay so you have two
options you can learn how to prospect into closed people or you have to choose
another business model otherwise you will fail and you won’t even realize it
because failing is normal as long as you learn a lesson but if you don’t know
what you’re doing around you’ll keep doing the same mistakes okay so in a few
date marketing you don’t have to worry about the following up okay if you’re in
a good affiliate program okay you need to actually go in talk to people you can
do it of course if you actually want to continue the relationship but for
example once you got the way people willingly give you their
information their name their email sometimes a phone number okay once they
do that they will start receiving emails from your affiliate program or you can
actually send them yourself talking about you so they thinkin you can start
building a relationship but even if you don’t do it all the following up all
talking about the vintages of the product your affiliate market program
again if it’s a good one will do that for you you don’t have to worry all you
have to do is capture people’s attention to that specific product or maybe if
that person already knows what they want and they know that that one is going to
help him do automatically buy it okay once they buy it you get a commission
basically to choose a product someone else’s product you promote it okay when
people buy it you get a commission you don’t have to worry about anything okay
you don’t need to worry about the prospecting you don’t need to worry
about the following up okay just receiving your Commission all you have
to do is drive traffic okay you can do that with ads again you know know how to
do it please learn it you can do that promoting when your social media
platforms ever do it the right way don’t just go spamming people again if you
start building your branding if you start showing people what you’re about
people will become aware of what you do pay attention to what you’re doing in
what you’re providing then you can actually start promoting the products at
that audience because in your place does America’s Facebook Instagram we should
have and only have people that I’m your target audience okay you don’t need
people that don’t need what you have okay that doesn’t make any sense okay
unless you know that you’re not going to target them but in that case it’s just
they’re taking space from your list okay but so if you do it like that that’s the
only thing you have to do drive traffic in an MLM you need to not only build a
team but you need to keep your team always motivated always help them
achieve their results because the results are your results okay it’s great
it’s teamwork I learned a lot from it okay I didn’t have the results that I
wanted I didn’t have the results that I expected but I learned a lot about
working as a team because you support each other you help each other you
practice with each other if you have a good thing and that’s good that skills
that you have for the rest of your life but when it comes to earn money gate
it’s harder okay if you leave marketing is one of the best business models
especially when you’re starting because you don’t have to worry about it
needs to be done until the purchase is made you need to worry about the things
that needs to be done after the purchase is done because there’s that also when
people buy something they need to ask questions if they have a problem with
the product you don’t have to worry about that because the affiliate program
also has left the name LM you’re the one who has to do that of course there’s a
few things that you redirect people to the the company to the support from the
company but when you have back down line when you sponsor someone when that
person has a question that person who is going to come to you not anyone else
okay how do I do this or how do I talk to people or where do I sign up people
this and that and you have to get their support and what happens a lot of times
people don’t have that support from the sponsors okay that is why a lot of
people quit from MLM because they don’t feel whole it an affiliate program you
have all of that support and you actually need to be supporting a lot of
people because you just get the Commission’s from the products that
you’re promoting okay and the Commission’s can vary okay if it’s a
physical product the Commission’s are not that high because there’s a shipping
and all of that as you know costs money delivering and then there’s the turnings
and also costs money again and everything but if it’s a digital product
okay the Commission’s are much much higher
okay so I would highly recommend you start with affiliate marketing digital
products because the Commission’s are higher okay and once you start learning
about prospecting how to cost people okay how to talk to people maybe you can
start building something with requires you to have a team when you have the
necessary skills to actually run it successfully because otherwise you will
just be one of those people that say that and I’m desk
and they’re not scan okay you just have to pay attention and she’s a good one
and be clear on skills that you have if you have the skill that you need
actually succeed with an MLM ok so this is my take on MLM versus affiliate
marketing okay as a mom okay if I knew what I know now I would have started to
be the favorite marketing because I started with an MLM and it didn’t go
well because my skills weren’t the show that I have now I didn’t know what I
know now and the problem is when you don’t know you don’t know okay they’re
both great but if you’re starting a business of you thinking about starting
a business starting with affiliate marketing is the
best option especially if you’re a mom in business like me if you’re a mom that
is looking for an extra income okay like I was a while ago okay
my recommendation started affiliate marketing because you have more time
okay more time for yourself you don’t want to start a business and then get
overwhelmed because you don’t because you don’t have time to do
anything you don’t have time for your family and if you’re doing this for
family it doesn’t make sense that you don’t have time your family
okay so you can check the description of this video my recommendations on
affiliate marketing okay and if you have any other questions just don’t acetate
reach out to me you can find me on social media or you can just leave a
comment below okay don’t forget like comment and share and subscribe to my
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  1. Very good points. You do have to be able to take to people and build a team in order for you to be successful in an MLM. There are alot things that people don't tell you before you get into an online business. Thanks for clarifying the differences between the two.

  2. Yea both are solid business models but network marketing has alot more people managing skills required, thanks for the vid!

  3. Great information. At this time I am excited about learning affiliate marketing. Both are good was to build residual income.

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