Why You Have No Privacy, and How to Get It Back. (Mostly.)

Why You Have No Privacy, and How to Get It Back. (Mostly.)

>>Today’s episode is
brought to you by NordVPN.>>Head on over to NordVPN.com/rogue. Get 70% off a three year subscription! That’s cheap. [scoffs] Name one time anybody has ever regretted not keeping their privacy private.>>For several years, you had that hair? [thumps on desk] [scratchy static crackling]>>Whenever I talk to people about privacy they’re like, “I have nothing to hide.” I’m like, “Oh really? “You’re wearing clothes, ain’tcha? “You’re locking your door, “you’re drawing your shutters closed. “Clearly, you have something “that somebody somewhere should not see!”>>Yeah, you don’t want
to lay all your stuff out for TV’s Pat Sajak just to
go through it and invade you.>>You’re saying live on this video that TV’s Pat Sajak is stalking you? [laughs] I don’t know that I would challenge him, if that were the case? But the point is, is that
there are many reasons to be concerned with your privacy that have nothing to
do with TV’s Pat Sajak, who I’m sure is not actually
stalking Jason Murphy.>>You can’t prove a negative! [laughing]>>You’re right, you’re right,
here’s the important part. When it comes to protecting your privacy, it’s not just a matter
of like the government’s going to getcha or that
you’re going to go to jail or that you’ve committed a crime
and they’re going to find ya. The part that breaks my heart is as all of our advertising
becomes increasingly customized, we live in these little,
isolating bubbles. Have you noticed that thing where you keep seeing the same
ads, for the same things or you keep seeing the
same stories pop up again? That’s because everything
you do is being tracked!>>Yeah and it’s not even
really about your secrets. It’s about you are.>>And who you want to be,
because think about this. Let’s say your in
political party “Fuschia” and there’s political party “Yellow” and you HATE political party Yellow and you’re in political party Fuschia. Do you want political party Yellow to be able to go to Google,
Facebook, any of these guys and say, “I want to know
every sexual fetish they have, “what movies they like,
what beliefs they have, “what churches they’re a member of. “All of their favorite foods.” Do you want to hand that leverage over to people who you do not like?>>And a lot of people think,
“Well, that’s just benign “information, so I’ll fill
out this Facebook game “and I’ll click on these
little forms to determine “which house of Harry Potter I belong in.” Every time you do that, you’re
giving them more information, so that they can build a profile of you, so that you can be manipulated
and sold to and controlled.>>And not just
manipulated and controlled, but also, oftentimes those
“benign” details they’re asking, like, “What was your
high school sweetheart? What was your first car? Answer the question about your first pet, also your mother’s maiden name. What’s the last four of your
social security number?”>>Yes, yes!>>At this point, they’re
building tools for hackers. You got bad actors and hackers. You got bad actors and salespeople and you have folks who might not have your best interests at
heart, in the government.>>Yeah and there aren’t even
just like individual actors, there are massive companies
who are manipulating you. Data brokers like Cambridge Analytica. During the 2016 American
elections, they claimed to have 5,000 points of data on
every American voter.>>The part that crushes
me, is I think about that stereotype of the
grandpa who can’t understand why the world has changed around him. The answer is because all of the input, all of the data, all of
his view of the world is being shaped by people who don’t have his interests at heart! Their interests are in
radicalizing it, isolating him and that’s why your privacy matters.>>And that’s why all of
those social media platforms are free, because it’s not the
service, you’re the product! Our information is the valuable thing, not the fact that you get to post pictures of your dog or something like that. It’s all about getting
everything they can from you, so that they can package
it and control you.>>In a thousand little ways every day, we’re all being nudged, whether it’s with overt advertisements, whether it’s through filtering of the content that we perceive and if you want to remain
an independent person, it’s on you to maintain your privacy, so that nobody can manipulate you and turn you into something
that you don’t want to be.>>Yes and that’s why there are a few, very small changes you can make that will have a huge
impact on your privacy.>>All right, let’s dive in. Let’s start with search engines.>>Okay, everybody knows
that search engines are one of the places they getcha. They’ve known that for a long time, right?>>Oh yeah, if there’s anything medical, if there’s anything sensitive, always open an incognito
browser or whatever.>>And the epicathy of
those is even in question. Sometimes a lot of
companies just ignore them.>>Every single person
watching this right now should go to myactivity.google.com
and buckle up, because you will shocked
at how much it remembers forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.>>Yeah, this is where
you’re going to have the Ron Swanson taking his computer out to the dumpster and throwing it in there. [laughs] Because it’s ALL there.>>That won’t help! [laughs]>>Yeah! Most search engines build
data profiles of you, that are used for
“psychographic targeting”, like that’s where they take
all of your information and say, “Oh, Brian
would probably like this! So we’re going to have these ads follow him around the internet.”>>And it is shocking how
precise this stuff is. As an example of this, look at Facebook. Given 150 of your likes, they’re able to better predict than your core family; your mom, your dad, your siblings, things you will or will not like. And at 300 likes, they’re
able to predict better than your own spouse what you will like and get this, there is
a number at which point, they can predict better than yourself! And at that point, it gets super scary because they’re the ones
shaping the future for you, by guiding you towards
one thing or the other.>>Exactly and that’s
something I don’t want anyone having the ability to do.>>I’m with you.>>Easiest thing to do right now, is to switch your search engine to DuckDuckGo.>>That’s on your mobile device, that’s on all of your desktop
and laptops or whatever. It’s very easy in your browser. Just say any time I type
a thing, use DuckDuckGo. They don’t save any of that
thing, they value your privacy. You may be worried about the quality of the searches, they’re fantastic. I switched over a year ago,
I’ve never looked back.>>Yeah and they do not
build a data profile on you and they also don’t do that filter bubble, where you get stuck seeing
the same things over and over. So you’re not browsing in an echo chamber.>>Absolutely. Some people are worried about having all of their emails seen
by the Gmail ecosystem, so they say, “You know what,
I’m not going to do Gmail.” That’s cool, great on them,
but what they don’t realize is that every email they send
from their private browser to somebody else who has a Gmail account is still being seen by Gmail!>>Oh yeah and Google
will scan that email. They’ll get keywords and they’ll find out just how to sell to you. So if you’re talking about
a pair of shoes or something in your email, you’ll
start seeing advertisements for shoes that follow
you around the internet. That’s invasive!>>What are the best practices? What should we be using that
wouldn’t be too painful?>>I like ProtonMail. Forbes Magazine called it the only email system the NSA can’t access.>>And those words again.>>The only email system
the NSA can’t access.>>I love everything I’m hearing.>>Yes.>>Keep going!>>It is double encrypted, they
don’t log your IP addresses. It’s in Switzerland and they do not scan your email for advertisements.>>Oh that’s a really good point! The Switzerland thing really matters, because extradition laws are a thing! If the servers are located
in the United States and you’ve come under
criminal investigation, they could requisition all that stuff.>>Yep.>>If it’s in a country,
especially one like Switzerland, they’re going to have a
harder getting those records.>>Yeah, for the Edward
Snowden controversy, he was using something called Lavabit, which is an encrypted email service. They shut down, rather than give the NSA access to their servers. They were going to have to cave, they were in the United States. Rather than do that, they just closed the service altogether.>>So definitely figure
out where the servers are, definitely figure out
where the HQ is located and what jurisdiction they’re in.>>Yes, ProtonMail being in Switzerland, they have really, really
strict privacy laws.>>I’m on tour all the time. First thing I do when I land, maybe I’ll type in Taco Bell, right? At some point, the system figures it out and the moment I land,
a little thing pops up saying like, “You know
its only five minutes to the nearest Taco Bell.” I’m like, “No! “I don’t want you to know “what I think I’m about to do!”>>Oh yeah, see, that’s all about them knowing you better than you know yourself.>>Disturbing.>>They’re able to predict
where you’re supposed to go and also nudge you to
where they want you to go. So imagine that Maps
says, “Hey, we noticed that Brian goes to Taco
Bell all the time.”>>And they try to guide me to Taco Bueno? Screw you, Taco Bueno! Are we going to fight? We’re going to fight.>>I think we might fight.>>Rah!>>You know how I feel about Bueno! [laughs]>>How do you avoid this disaster?>>Go to OpenStreetMap.org,
it is an open-source, entirely user-run, global
map making community.>>And they’re not going
to track all your stuff, they’re not going to
sell your information, they’re not going to let the whole world know that Brian loves Taco Bell
and not Taco Bueno.>>Exactly and think about what the other big map providers do. They don’t just manipulate you,
but they can manipulate traffic patterns,
which impacts businesses. They can manipulate voting districts. Once you determine where people should and shouldn’t go,
you can control the world.>>Nick Bostrom wrote this
amazing book about AIs and he talks about the difference between an oracle and a sovereign. An oracle is the way we
use to think of ways, where it’s like,
“tell me the shortest path from blank to blank” and it
would give you the answer. But the problem is once
everybody uses ways, if it tells the truth
that the shortest path is through this neighborhood,
it ruins that truth and so now, it has to tell the truth to some people and not others. At that point, it’s not an
oracle that reveals the truth, it is a sovereign that is actively distributing and directing traffic. That’s scary stuff!>>Oh and think about some
dystopian prognostication. What if you’ve got that and
suddenly they start charging a premium; $3 dollars a month to use this map search.>>To get the REAL shortest route. Oh my god!
>>Exactly.>>That’s disturbing!>>And so that’s the
Haves vs the Have-nots.>>But OpenStreetMaps,
totally free, volunteer-run. They’re not capturing your
data, that one’s safe?>>Yeah and they’re
actually doing good work. After the massive earthquake in Haiti, OSM volunteers only needed a few hours to re-map the entire island,
using satellite imagery.>>See, I like that, I like feeling good.>>It gives you the warmth fuzzies, right?>>Yeah!>>Like people binding together
to not manipulate others?>>Taco Bueno still sucks.>>Son of a. Mucho Nachos are where its at! [laughs]>>What about storing all your files? Should you be worried using a service like Dropbox or Google Drive?>>Well, there are. Yes, yes you should!>>Really, wait, what?>>Absolutely! All right, so something like Dropbox. Dropbox administrators
can look at your files. They have free reign, not
that they do, but they can.>>So where do you go?>>SpiderOak is one recommended by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Their main focus is privacy and security. Your files that you’re going
to upload to the Cloud, are actually encrypted
before they sync to them.>>Oh and so they don’t have the keys.>>Correct.>>So even if somebody
said, “Open the box up.” You’re like, “Can’t bro, sorry.”>>They don’t store your passwords. They do not store your encryption keys. It is zero-knowledge privacy.>>I know everybody fell in
love with Chrome, including me!>>Sure, Chrome is very easy to use, but of course it is
harvesting information. 75% of the top million websites have Google trackers across them.>>On top of that, if you’re
using the Google browser, then they’re recording
your partial searches. Let’s see you get halfway through “I have a lump on my” and then you stop. They already heard the
words “I have a lump on my” and that goes into your profile!>>I thought you were going
to say something else. Like profile, that goes
into your prostate! [laughs] There are other alternatives
and some of them are starting to put
privacy at the forefront. Like Mozilla Firefox for instance, has privacy options turned on by default.>>And Safari is following
suite as well, right?>>Exactly, there are a
number of other options that you can use that
are better about that. Mozilla is actually a nonprofit company and their business is not predicated on selling all of your information.>>I love the convenience of Chrome! Are you saying that I have
to give up my Chrome browser?>>Firefox has come a long way and in their last couple of iterations, it is THE browser of choice
for privacy advocates.>>Okay.>>Okay, what about just
talking to other people, whether it’s by voice, video or chat?>>Okay, I only do the chatting, because if you’ve called me on the phone that probably means that someone’s dead.>>Oh!>>I don’t want that kind of bad news.>>I should stop calling you, then.>>Don’t call me, just text me. [laughs] I think something’s wrong
when someone calls me.>>Okay, that’s fine, I’ll text.>>You’re the only one that calls me!>>I know, I do! [laughing]>>You’re the only one that calls me.>>Okay, I will stop.>>And I always think something
horrible has happened. [laughing]>>Sometimes it has!>>A lot of people use things
like Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, also owned
by Facebook, right?>>Oh, I didn’t know. Today I learned.>>Yes, yes and so if you
use something like Signal, which is an encrypted messaging app, they don’t keep anything
but your phone number and the last time you
logged onto their servers.>>And you could set
everything to auto-delete after a certain amount of time. It could truly be ephemeral! Now, yes, the other party might be doing screen captures or whatever, but as far as an official record that’s going to shape
how people serve you ads, you don’t have to worry about that. As we did the research on this, I did find a couple of other tidbits. Have you heard of browser
fingerprinting before?>>A little bit, what’s going on with it?>>So there are things that your browser’s allowed to say about your computer and things that are not allowed
to say about your computer. For example, it’s not going to say, “Hello, this is a browser
from Brian Brushwood. “He’s located in Austin, Texas. “This is the amount in his bank account. “This is how much hard
drive space he has.” Those are things it can’t say. But what websites can ask for is like, “What resolution are you running at? “Are you mobile or desktop? “What plugins do you have installed?” And each of these is an information vector that creates a unique
fingerprint of your computer. So you can say, “Oh, that
particular pornographic search “or that particular
conversation, that wasn’t me.” Oh really, because in the entire planet, there’s only one computer
that has this resolution, these plugins, this browser. All of this information spells out that it’s definitely your same computer!>>How do you get around that?>>EFF has an amazing
tool called Panopticlick. If you go to panopticlick.com,
it will forward you to the EFF tool, where it will measure you and say just how individual
your internet experience is and it’ll give you the tools
to mask your fingerprint so that you can’t be identified, because again; it’s not a matter of you’re
doing something illegal, it’s a matter of you
don’t want to be targeted and siloed into a bubble
where you become trapped and become your racist grandpa!>>Dude, the more they know you, the more they can control you.>>Yes!>>So they’re not going to
know when I’m buy a vowel. They’re not going to know when
I’m going to take another spin!>>Sounds like a very particular problem. Here’s the important part. When I used the Panopticlick thing, I noticed that there was
a significant difference when I had my VPN turned on
and when I had it turned off. This is the part everything becomes an ad, because anyone who’s watched us knows that we love VPNs,
everybody should have one. We like NordVPN.>>And if you don’t know what a VPN is, it’s a virtual private network. It just takes all of your traffic, all of your surfing activity, and it routes it through a server somewhere on the other side of the world, so that no one knows where you are or what you’re looking at.>>Yeah and everything’s encrypted. I told you last year,
how horrified I was to call the internet company
over some tech issue and this random-ass
tech starts rattling off the last five websites that
I went to and I’m like, “No, you don’t get to know that! “No, no no!”>>That’s not okay! NordVPN is incredibly fast and it broke through the great firewall of China.>>I get so excited
when the ads are clearly clearly targeted at not my demographic!>>Pat Sajak does not know where you are.>>Okay, the important thing is that if people want to get 70% off
the best VPN on the planet, they should go to NordVPN.com/rogue. Sign up, you’ll get an extra month free, get three years for 70% off,
I swear to god. Pat, I’m sure you’re great,
I’m sure you’re great. Everything’s wonderful,
it’s all fine here. NordVPN.com/rogue. All right, to sum up, for search engines we like DuckDuckGo.>>For email, we like ProtonMail.>>For maps, we like OpenStreetMap.>>For messaging, we like Signal.>>For file storage, we like SpiderOak.>>Yes and for our web browser, we like.>>Firefox.>>Exactly.>>Fine. I’ll switch everything over.>>One more thing!>>Oh, always use a VPN!>>Always use a VPN.>>VPN is a must-have! For those who don’t know, what’s a VPN?>>It’s a virtual, private network. It allows all of your traffic to be routed through another server on
the other side of the world, so they don’t know what you’re
looking at or where you are. [scratchy static crackling]>>What about that time at the Safeway, with the banana pudding?>>Yes, I took five samples,
come at me bro!>>It’s what you did with the samples I think was the actual problem.>>Okay, I put them in my butt! [laughing]>>There it is! Go to NordVPN.com/rogue


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  2. How can you guys include nord on a privacy video when they ignored and covered up a massive data breach for 8 months

  3. brave search engine is great, it keeps your data away from advertisers and prevents ads from showing up on your browser unless you explicitly ask for them

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  5. I started using duckduckgo at some point late last year. Gooodle was really ticking me off! Unfortunately, Firefox wasn't secure, and I kept getting malware, so I use PaleMoon now. I've been using PaleMoon for over a year (close to two), and I've had no issues.
    There's been an upside to have no money for the last… life… it doesn't matter what the ads are, I can't afford it! …but I do have an ad blocker specifically for youtube, mostly for being associated with Gooodle…

  6. Or… Don't let it influence you. Though most people are sheep, so what's the point? I don't care if the FBI follows me! I don't care and neither should you!

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  10. IMO there are a few alternative options you missed

    search – qwant and startpage are exceptional alternatives not in the US (what you said about proton mail is also true about duck duck go)

    browser – brave is chrome with google spying removed, ad-blocking built in, and even works with chrome extensions in the google store

    messaging – telegram is another good option that has more features and is easier to use than signal

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  14. There was a study that said you only needed like, 3 or 5 data points to deanonymize someone's information to a high degree of certainty. Like 70% on the low end. So having thousands of points, means you now have basically 100%.

  15. You really can't prove a negative though… So long as you mean to a scientific standard!

    If what you're espousing as truth is going to be used as basis for further investigation or work that will incur a cost you should make every effort to be correct…

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  17. So here's a thought. How much good does it do you to switch over to all of those services if you're not using a VPN? Similarly, how much good does it do you to use a VPN if you're not using many of those services?

  18. Not to completely disparage Firefox, but there's a difference between the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, and the actually-for-profit Mozilla Corporation that's responsible for developing the Mozilla Firefox browser. Firefox has been involved in a few shady actions by the Mozilla Corporation in recent years, most notably with the incident involving Mozilla remotely installing the Looking Glass extension without requiring user permission to do so.

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  24. โ€ข "I'm not doing anything wrong, so I have nothing to hide" – You're not doing anything wrong when you take a dump, but you probably wouldn't want the world watching you squeezing out a turd. ยฌ_ยฌ And that's just the most innocuous and harmless example; Brian and Jason listed some much more scary, much more insidious, much more dangerous issues.
    โ€ข 5:19 – Google used to have the best search results once upon a time, but that's no longer true; now their search results are at best not good, and at worst, specifically manipulated. DuckDuckGo is one of a handful of good alternatives.
    โ€ข 5:58 – I'm still baffled how this is legal. A phone company would never have been allowed to listen in on people's conversations and use that to send them flyers. How the hell is Google allowed to spy on people's emails? ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿคฆ ๐Ÿ˜’
    โ€ข 9:48 – This is already a solved problem. Just use an FTP server. ยฌ_ยฌ Or SFTP or TFTP or SCP.
    โ€ข 10:28 – The original Chrome was great, then it was not great, then it was bad, then it was EVIL. STOP USING CHROME!!!
    โ€ข 10:45 – Exactly, thank you! People keep thinking it doesn't count unless they press Enter. Nope, Google uses keyloggers. ๐Ÿ˜’
    โ€ข 11:20 – What convenience of Chrome? Chrome is ruined and no good anymore. Firefox is the safest, most private, and has the convenience you wanted. It's not perfect and has its problems, but it is the best browser available these days.
    โ€ข 13:22 – Unfortunately Panopticlick always says your browser is unique no matter what you do. :-

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  28. Within our dataset of several hundred thousand visitors tested in the past 45 days, only one in 104973.5 browsers have the same fingerprint as yours.

    my fbi guy: this guy likes some fucked up porn.

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