Word 2010: Mail Merge

Word 2010: Mail Merge

Mail Merge is a great time-saver if you need
to create multiple documents that are the same, but unique in some way – like name tags
for an event, or envelopes printed with each person’s name and address. The document I have here is a letter offering
customers a discount on their next order. I want to personalize it by addressing each
copy of the letter to the customer, using information I have stored in a spreadsheet.
To begin, go to Mailings, then Start Mail Merge. The Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard
will walk you through the process one step at a time, using this window on the right. The type of document I’m working on is indeed
a letter, so I’m going to click Next. I also plan to stick with my current document instead
of using something else, like a template. Now I need an address list, so Word can create
a copy of the letter for each customer. To start from scratch, you can “Type a new list,”
then click Create to enter your recipients individually. Alternatively, if you do have
a list (like an Excel workbook in my case), choose “Use an existing list,” then Browse
to find it. Now click Open and select the worksheet that contains the list – I know
mine is in Sheet 1. In this window, you can check or uncheck all
or individual recipients to decide who’s included in the mailing. I would like to include everybody,
so I’m going to go ahead and click OK, and now it shows that workbook as my recipient
list. Now it’s time to write my letter. You can
add something unique for each recipient, including their address, a personal greeting, custom
postage (which requires special software), and more. I’d like to add an address block
first. Just place your cursor where you want it to go, then click the item. Here’s a preview
of what it’s going to look like, and a couple different formats to choose from for the recipient’s
name. Click OK, and a placeholder will appear in your document, where the address will go
later. The other thing I’d like to add is a greeting. Again, you have a preview here,
and the ability to change some of the formatting. Let’s move onto the next step: previewing
the finished product. I just want to make sure the information from my list appears
the way it should. You can take a look at each recipient’s copy by clicking the arrows
here. Everything looks great, so let’s complete the merge. If you click the Print command, Mail Merge
will ask which pages you want to print before sending you to the final step. I want to print
every document in my recipient list, so I’m going to keep All. Now all you have to is
adjust the settings if you need to, then click OK. Knowing how to use Mail Merge is a must for
creating multiple letters, labels, envelopes, and more. The possibilities – and the time
and energy you’ll save – are almost limitless.


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  3. this was perfect to refresh my memory. I haven't use this in a while and i needed a short and easy reminder. thank you.

  4. Hi, when I am trying to do the greeting line, its not changing to what I selected…what am I doing wrong?

  5. How do you save the merged document document with all the names and addresses you have merged – all in one document.

  6. Thank you for captioing your video.  It is diifuclt to find videos that are accessible to hard of hearing persons.  I appreciate the extra effort!

  7. Such a great tutorial on using mail merge for Microsoft word 2010. The steps are easy to follow and hopefully this will help me ace my exam that I will be taking for my ecdl course during the week. Thanks again for posting the video folks 🙂

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