YouTube Ads For Beginners (Advertising Tips, Tricks, and Tutorial)

YouTube Ads For Beginners (Advertising Tips, Tricks, and Tutorial)

– YouTube ads are an amazing way to drive
leads, traffic and attention to your business but only if you get ’em right which is why
in this video, I’m sharing with you my super simple five part framework to Creating YouTube
Ads That Work, let’s get to it. Hey there, Adam Erhart here. Modern marketing strategist and welcome to
the Modern Marketing Show where we help you make marketing that matters. So if you’re interested in learning a little
more about the latest and greatest marketing strategies, tools, tips, tricks, and tactics
well you may wanna consider subscribing and hitting that little notification bell. Alright, so let’s talk YouTube ads. We’ve all seen ’em and in fact if you’re watching
this video right now then the odds are pretty good that you may have seen a quick ad before
getting to this video and the reason that people are leveraging and starting to use
YouTube ads more and more is because they’re providing a real and tangible return on investment
for those that are getting it right. You see but that’s the trick and there’s a
pretty big difference between those who are just using YouTube ads and those that are
actually profiting from YouTube ads by getting them right and that’s what this video is all
about and I’m gonna walk you through my super simple five part framework that’s going to
allow you to create and script YouTube ads that lead to more clicks and more conversions,
essentially more sales and revenue for your business. If you get all these elements right, you’ll
be able to tap into essentially what is the wild west of advertising right now using YouTube
ads which are still largely underutilized and under leveraged across many different
businesses which means the playing field is wide open for you. So enough chit-chat, let’s get down to business. The very first step when it comes to creating
high converting YouTube ads for your business is to shock and what I mean by shock is essentially
some form of pattern interrupt, something that grabs attention and essentially rocks
people out of their seats a little bit. Now you wanna implement this shock factor
in the first five seconds of the video because as we all know, this is where you’re either
gonna catch ’em or lose ’em. Now contrary to many other advertising platforms
out there where you may wanna be a little more conservative and stay a little more on
brand, On YouTube it’s okay to get a little creative and go a little outside the box. The reason it’s okay to shock and in fact
the reason it’s important to kinda shock and get people’s attention is because if you don’t
get their attention, if you don’t get them to watch through that first five seconds well
then it doesn’t really matter what you say in the rest of the ad. So front loading the best value or the catchiest
statement or kinda the hook that’s gonna keep them interested, well that is easily the most
important part of the entire ad because without it, nothing else matters. Alright, so in the first five seconds we shock
and in the five seconds after that, so in the first 10 seconds of the entire video ad,
what we wanna do is leverage social proof quickly, easily and succinctly. Now this can be done in any sort of different
way but the way that I like to advise and the way that I’ve found is most effective
and certainly the most natural is simply to introduce yourself and then state some sort
of big achievement or some sort of relation or accomplishment or something that you’ve
done. So while the goal of the first part of the
ad is to shock, the second part is to provide that social proof and to make sure that people
know that you’re an authority on the subject and that they’re gonna continue listening
to you so the rest of your message can get delivered. Alright, so moving on to step number three
of the five part super simple video ad formula. I’m gonna need a better name for that soon. So part three is what I like to call alphabet
soup and here what we’re trying to do is make a statement similar to how to x without y
so you can z. I know that sounds confusing so let me give
you a couple examples. How to lose weight without exercising so you
can look great in your favorite jeans. How to create videos without expensive equipment
so you can do marketing on a budget. How to generate more leads without cold calling
so you can grow your business in an authentic and ethical way. Basically how to x without y so you can z
or how to get the things you want with the things you don’t want so you can get more
of the things you want. Alright, moving on to our second last step,
step number four which is benefits and results. Now here’s where we get to the real meat of
the ad. This is where we’ve already kinda got the
attention of people, we’ve shown some social proof, we’ve kind of baited them a little
bit more with that how to x without y so you can z part and now it’s time to give ’em the
goods and essentially show them the benefits and the results of whatever it is that you’re
pitching. Now the secret to succeeding with this step
lies in the title itself being benefits and results. You see at this step you don’t wanna talk
about all the features or all the logistical parts or all the tactics or any of the kind
of tangible stuff, rather what you wanna do is sell the dream, sell the vision and sell
the story. You see when it comes to using video advertising
and YouTube ads in particular, you do have a relatively short amount of time to tell
a whole lot of information. So you wanna stick with the stuff that’s actually
gonna move the needle in regards to conversion and that stuff is story and emotion and benefits
and results and all the things that the people are going to experience by doing business
with you or by taking action on whatever you’re promoting. Now keep in mind you do have a pretty short
amount of time to convey a whole lot of information and really sell the story so my advice is
to stick to three benefits and results and do your best to kind of elaborate on them
later when someone’s taken action or clicked through to wherever you’re trying to send
them. Alright, moving right along to our fifth and
final step, the ever important call to action or CTA. Alright, so at this point we’ve shocked them
and got their attention. We’ve shown some social proof to build that
credibility and authority, we’ve gone through our alphabet soup to really paint a picture
of how to get what they want without the things they don’t want, we’ve talked about those
incredible benefits and results and tried to stay away from some of the process and
some of the tactical stuff. Well, now it’s time to bring it all home and
send ’em where you want ’em to go. So when it comes to creating a really effective
call to action, the secret is simply to include it but to make it clear and concise and direct. Now is not the time to get fancy and ask for
all sorts of things. When you’re running an ad, you don’t wanna
ask them to like you on Facebook or follow you on Instagram or subscribe on YouTube or
download your lead magnet or go to your email list or visit your website or connect with
you on LinkedIn, no. Rather, what you wanna do is send them to
just one main place, the main goal of whatever it is you’re trying to sell. If you’re selling something directly then
send them to the sales page, if you’re offering a lead magnet in exchange for their email
address then send them to the landing page and if you’re asking them to book a time on
your calendar well then send them directly to your calendar. Don’t get creative, don’t confuse ’em. Alright, so that’s the whole script but don’t
go just yet because I’ve got four more tips that are really gonna help to take your YouTube
ads and bring ’em to the next level. So rapid fire style, here they go. Tip number one is to make sure that you’ve
got the right offer when you’re making your ad so if you’re targeting cold traffic then
offer a lead magnet or something that’s really low commitment and simply get their email
address so you can build the relationship later. If you’re targeting warm traffic on the other
hand and people that already know who you are, well then it’s okay to kinda up the ante
a little bit and ask for a sales, so don’t be afraid to send them to the sales page. Tip number two is to get your targeting right. So if you’re unfamiliar with the Google AdWords
platform which is where you’re gonna be creating your YouTube ads, you’re gonna want to spend
some time there. If you’ve never run a YouTube ad before then
by far the easiest and lowest hanging fruit is some kind of warm audience whether it’s
a customer list, an email list or if you’ve got some YouTube videos already leveraged
on the platform, well you can create an audience from people who have watched those videos
before. Tip number three, is you wanna test more than
one video so don’t put all your eggs in one video basket because you never know which
one’s gonna knock it out of the park and which one’s gonna be kind of a loser. As a bonus tip to these already bonus tips,
what I’ve found is that sometimes really highly polished and professional videos don’t actually
perform as well as that simple iPhone video so again, don’t be afraid to test, test, and
test some more. And our final tip is that the video ad formula
that we just went through, well it’s based off using something around a 60 second video
which is gonna fit and work really well across a number of different social platforms. But don’t be afraid to get creative and try
all sorts of different lengths to see what works best for your message, your business
and your market. The take home point is this, if you’re not
already using YouTube ads in your business the time to start is now. Simply stick to the script, follow the tips
and you’ll be off and running generating more leads, attention and traffic to your business
in no time. So thanks so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the episode. If so, make sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe
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you grow your business, take your marketing to the next level and of course way beyond
that. So thanks so much for watching, I’ll catch
ya next time on the Modern Marketing Show.


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