YouTube Money – How To Make Money On YouTube Without Ad Revenue

YouTube Money – How To Make Money On YouTube Without Ad Revenue

YouTube has suffered another ad
pocalypse if you’re new to YouTube you’re trying to build your channel it’s
not affecting you because you might not even be at the point where you’re
earning revenue but ad pocalypse is when big major corporations pull their ass
because they don’t want them on controversial videos but ladies and
gentlemen there are other ways you can make money in YouTube and we’re going to
talk about those ways right now what’s good YouTube you know build with
y’all know what I’m loving all feeling seeing all powerful just damn all
everything the sexiest hit a host we’re talking about making money regardless of
her ad pocalypse you gotta be trying to find ways to make money regardless of
your YouTube Adsense but first this channel we put on the plus seven glasses
of the sexiest Hale so we’re working on skilling up our craft bringing you guys
are more info on YouTube it’s paying something better to look at please
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are you building something else so when they have these ad pocalypse is on
YouTube revenues go down YouTube loses money some subscribers I mean some
youtubers you lose money but what most youtubers have in place is other avenues
to make money and one of those big avenues is selling merchandise t-shirts
mugs and cups there are three main websites that allow you to do that they
dropped it before you meaning that you don’t pay anything out of pocket until
someone buys the t-shirt they’ll ship it to them and all that kind of stuff those
sites are Spreadshirt printful and teespring
whatever your channel logo is or whatever it is you’re promoting on your
channel you have to be thinking about how you can monetize it and one of the
easy ways to do that is by using any one of these three websites to put your
image your likeness on a t-shirt on a mug on a pin on a hat and push it to
your subscribers you can push this easily on Facebook and anywhere you have
social media to start getting the buzz to start putting your branding out there
to the world and as a way to make money a lot of
people have taken such things as teespring printful and Spreadshirt and
they come up with catchy pop culture phrases such as back in the day y’all
remember Netflix and chill bodybuilding folks was making t-shirts that said
Netflix and squat squat and chilled vice versa you interchange it how you want to
and they was kind of using some of the same images that you were see on the net
fixed commercials and covers but that was making it for shirts devoted to
people in the fitness whatever your niche is you can do the same exact thing
and use that to build a great t-shirt campaign to go along with the ad revenue
you make on YouTube YouTube is not easy there’s gonna be a
lot of days you’re gonna sit and say what the hell am i doing I post I took
me two hours to make this video edit post it and I only got ten views and if
you’re sitting there waiting for the ad revenue to add up man that’s gonna be a
long fight but what you can do start putting the ancillary parts in place
start building income way before you get to the point where you’re getting
adsense acount from YouTube just go ahead and make it in your mind
your biggest generator of wealth is not gonna be your YouTube channel it’s gonna
be the vehicle that gets you to the wealth so what I’m saying is instead of
thinking that you’re gonna make your money from Adsense you need you to to
just get your image out there get your brand out there so the people can come
to you and buy whatever you’re pushing and that’s gonna do it for this video
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video I’ll see you you


  1. Hi Lamont!I just started a YouTube channel talking about Lyft(Rideshare) and I enjoy it.I am trying to become something special.Thanks for all of your videos.

  2. Thanks for sharing brother LAMONT. Very helpful information. Thought about starting a cable cutting channel but haven't fully decided yet. Keep the awesome content coming. Appreciate all you do. I have learned so much from you. Have an awesome weekend. Love ya brother

  3. Now you're talking! I am very interested in getting my"Side Hustle" on! I plan on getting a YouTube Channel, but haven't worked out the kinks yet! But its coming. I,,,Holla!

  4. Nice work man. Some times I just want to hear someone say you can do it and especially if they have done something its like gas in my tank. I have been practicing with Nunchaku for 45 years and I am trying to do like what you are doing where people don't have to put out the effor to reinvent things like the fundamentals. I can help them and I think you can help me build my channel and improve my content. I'll be watching.


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