YouTube Video Etiketleri Nasıl Oluşturulmalı? – YouTube Seo Eğitimi #3 – YouTube Eğitim Seti

YouTube Video Etiketleri Nasıl Oluşturulmalı? – YouTube Seo Eğitimi #3 – YouTube Eğitim Seti

Enes Hi friends, in this video we continue with you, youtube SEO training, Buddha 3.our video DIN DIN DIN The most recent part of the explanation we’ve been, this time we will cover the section labels. How we need to create a tag What is the benefit to the video and the tags ready tags, popular tags is how we create; bahsedice from it. First YouTube video let’s get to the download page, where we use the labels let him see. I’m pressing the Load button. Come on! I’m pressing the Load button I chose any video from your desktop partial label at the bottom of this section You can enter multiple tags by separating with a comma or a single label. VidIQ Score is determined using the plugin for Word vlog; some sets of words Categories according to our first video, our video monitor who would identify ourselves and we need to label them accordingly. For example, Google seo about youtube; I am writing to tell Youtube, seo training, video SEO training If you type the same words 2-3 times spa search for videos falls. So tell me, don’t do anything; Youtube SEO training, youtube SEO training, youtube seo training videos In this video you say would be in the spa and it ain’t no use. 1 times wrote youtube just SEO training wrote SEO training youtube….. you write you don’t need much, it already catches that tag words instantly so, that you don’t need to waste words in vain free education, free, content, quality you can enter something like this + as a team have tools keywords ubersuggest.keywordtool. IO, According to the volume they offer you a list of these search youtube. I choose youtube, I chose Turkey. for example: I call Youtube Seo This will offer you with the relevant words. Say Youtube English say here: I’m searching YouTube for training As you can see “youtube seo” about Provides us with most wanted. youtube seo HOWTO we have added labels SEO settings about SEO monetization education channel These are labels that are successful. What are these?
-most wanted by Seo keywords are the most words they searched in Youtube. Afterwards, if wanted, according to the letter are listed. The first episode most wanted. in the same way, this site also most wanted by youtube seo wanted to list this same as this site here offers the most wanted list 3 If you write them in the search list, then the first page. 4. in the queue return Super if you come you will be receiving search traffic. The person that came from the search for a new customer. A new viewer, if you subscribe directly to the new user. Those who follow more or less the suggested videos from that category are usually the ones who know you are people. But; As a subscriber you get the best from search direct your audience to more glorify. I’m going to talk about what it was that the tag Me all my content by subscribing to my channel you can watch. Hope to see our next videos, bye 🙂


  1. videoların yurtdışından izlenmesi için ingilizce etiket girilmeli mi yoksa youtube bu kelimeleri aranılan ülkeye göre zaten çeviriyor mu? aynı şekilde başlıkta ve açıklamalarda da ingilizce kullanmamız gerekli mi?

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